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Sintered NdFeB
Magnetic steel ,Magnetic tile ,Magnetic ring ,Magnetic ball
Bonded NdFeB
Magnetic link ,Magnetic tile ,Magnetic steel
Magnetic bar
Cow magnet ,Super magnetic bar ,Magnetic frame
Plastic injection magnet
Plastic injection ferrite ,Magnetic rotor ,

Qingdao KingKong Magnet S and T Co.,Ltd as a high-tech enterprise, specializes in manufacturing magnetic material and relevant elements. We have two factories and a technology researching &developing center. We can manufacture all types of NdFeB magnets, like magnetic bars, magnetic tiles, magnetic components,magnetic rotor and cow magnets.

We are specialized in the production of injection ferrite and injection NdFeB magnets,such as injection magnet rotor,injection ring magnet ,injection special shaped magnet etc.

Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare Earth Magnetic Material Co.,Ltd is our raw material supplier .We are its finished production base in Shandong . We have the certifications of ISO9000,SGS,CTI.

We offer our products to many customers at home and abroad,like Haier (China), Hisense(China), LG(Korea), Samsung(Korea) etc. ..

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