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Sintered NdFeB
Magnetic steel ,Magnetic tile ,Magnetic ring ,Magnetic ball
Bonded NdFeB
Magnetic link ,Magnetic tile ,Magnetic steel
Magnetic bar
Cow magnet ,Super magnetic bar ,Magnetic frame
Plastic injection magnet
Plastic injection ferrite ,Magnetic rotor ,
BRANCHES -- Yantai Branch

III Yantai Factory:
Located at “Chinese Apple Hometown” –Songshan Development Zone of Qixia, which is the main production basis for development of Jingang Company, the factory owns a floor area of 20 thousand sq meters and possesses convenient traffic: 5 kilometers away from freeway to its north, 1.5 kilometers away from Yantai Airport to its east. Products are sold to customers in Jiaodong Peninsular in China and are exported to Korea, Japan, Europe and America.
Main production: All kinds of permanent magnet products with different functions and specs,
Magnetic shoe, magnetic ball,
Magnetic elements, magnetic switch, socket, plug and magnetic stick,
Door-sealing magnetic stripe
Owning advanced equipment, perfect quality guarantee system and high production capability, we can guarantee the delivery time and quality of products.Provide door-to-service on delivery

Company name
Qingdao Kingkong Magnetic Elements Co.,ltd
HQ Address:
Digital Tech Center, No.63, Haier Road, Qingdao
86-532-55579166  55579188  55579199
Qingdao Pingdu magnetic force steel mill
Yantai Jingang Magnetism Material Co. Ltd (Yandangshan Road, Songshang Development Zone, Qixia)
Zibo Jingang Magnetism Element Co. Ltd ( Lijia Village, Zhangdian District)


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